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I know it's kind of a ridiculous thing to be upset about, but I would love to be able to navigate thru it quicker. I just got a new phone and its failing to pair Bluetooth about half the time now. If you learn anything, is lined to hear about our... You can enter engineering mode by starting with the radio off (just time displaye), then by pressing 1 and then 5. Well, my XM trial is supposed to be expired now - as of the 7th. I still have some Xm stations and I am still seeing XM updating. All I wanted to do was turn my old SC XM radio off, and my VUE and my sisters SKY on. Even with an MP3 player, when others go with, the collection isn't as good as just putting on classic rock or oldies station that everyone can listen too.This process should take no longer than 30 seconds. I still have some Xm stations and I am still seeing XM updating. If GM offered a choice I'd get Sirius (I didn't know that at the time I purchased the Saturn though so I would have still bought XM probably not knowing which I liked, hmm, maybe I would have researched though if I had a choice). The GM XM radios are much better than the Chrysler radios I've seen. The XM was doing this all yesterday afternoon and when I hopped in the Vue this morning to come to work. It took weeks getting XM to try and keep both our XM radios activated. Since I drive out of town most weekends during the summer I thought I'd go for it so I wouldn't have to lose reception.And is the website chat the best way to do it, or would calling them be better?If calling is better, can someone tell me which number specifically to call? When Internet streaming was first available in the mid 2000's, streaming was included with a few of the plans. I would like to see a goddam volume button in the app.Last, yes, it took about 3 phone calls to get XM reactivated and I was going to tell them to rip up the bill after a week of trying to get it reactivated and a persistent customer service rep realized they were doing the update correctly (refreshing) but not entering the package correctly in the system. No matter where you go in the country, every city has radio stations owned by the same corporate conglomorate.

I also noticed there was a sub without any username or password.The only thing that changes are the DJs and the commercials.Heck, Some if these new "Jack" or "bob" FM stations don't use Dj's. I was wondering if there was any update from the stock firmware that came with it? If not, has anyone tried or heard of a way to mess around with the firmware?The Bluetooth voice thing irritates me that every time I press it, it always says "Say a command or press 1 for help..." or something like that. You will get a screen pop up with firmware number, etc.

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