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When unexpected obstacles or circumstances knock your plan off course and shake your confidence, reflective practice enables you to redirect yourself.

To reflect, look openly and honestly at the events of the past day or week.

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You can reflect without writing anything down if you prefer, but the act of writing makes your ideas concrete and manageable. You can do reflective practice with the input of a supervisor if you wish, although sessions may end up few and far between and prove less effective.

You’ll reach the best results by reflecting as soon as possible after events, as your memory and emotions will be fresh.

For example, ways to communicate information clearer to patients or to effectively deliver person-centred care. Rather than settling for ‘good enough’, you find satisfaction in doing more to increase the quality of your care, which shows you’re reactive to change and ready to engage in problem solving.

This positive energy inspires those you work with and fills people with confidence in your healthcare service.

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Never underestimate the benefits of communicating with others to reflect on issues and reach solutions.

Planning helps you take the thoughts that float aimlessly around your brain and record them in an actionable format.

It’s especially useful for healthcare workers, as your daily schedule may leave you little room to pause and think about your aims. It takes a short amount of time and only requires you to write down strategies for achieving simple, yet focused targets.

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