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#3 She’s got life experience like you won’t believe. She’s full of sexual gusto and life experience that will definitely teach you a thing or two.

While it’s not out of the realm of possibility to get a clingy cougar, odds are she’s got her own life established, and she’s not afraid to spend her time there.

From my experience and that of other gardeners in the area, kale and rhubarb do very well here.

Not only is the climate relatively mild in the summer with long days and the temperatures hovering just under 60 degrees, it is located close enough to the ocean to benefit from fantastic natural fertilizers – salmon.

If it’s not one of your fantasies, allow us to tell you why it should be. It’s said that women reach their peak sex drive in their thirties, while men have their peak in their 20s.

This makes for a perfect libido match-up when dating an older woman. [Read: Foreplay done right – the art of really turning a girl on] #2 She’s a mom. The staple behind being with a mom you’d like to f*ck is that your girlfriend, in fact, is a mom!

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