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DX: Is this going to lead to a full length project, it’s been several years right? You get all that in my music so it’s not really like I’m just poppin shit, bottles, bitches and all of that.Yung Berg: As I said before, I have a lot to talk about. This is something I’m standing on that’s going to be a piece of work.Now that Teairra’s friendship with Hazel-E has gone sour, she’s seemingly getting a little too close to Hazel’s former “boo” Yung Berg.Fameolous writes: Earlier today we received a special tip from a source that Yung Berg and Teairra were either playing games or hooking up. That includes playing the background for artists including Nicki Minaj, Diddy, Lil Wayne, Tamar Braxton and Fabulous.Clearly, Berg can make hits despite cutting himself down with controversy.Much details wasn’t given by the tip but they dropped a little something for us to go off on. There’s no word yet on what these two are up to, but considering ratings are on the decline, we’re not surprised the cast is turning up via social media beefs and rumors. You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

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Audiences watched his ridiculous three way triangle between himself, Masika and Hazel E. I literally relish in the fact that people may have an opinion or stigma about me but I’m able to walk in the studio and change your whole thought and concept of who Yung Berg is. You could have dissed me two years ago; you want a record and got that check, I’m pulling up to you. I don’t hold no grudges against the music business because I’m a businessman.Like the people that I work with really know me and I have rapport with them. Trust me, everything you want to know is in this project. DX: Are there artists who you can say had your back throughout the controversies? The “Deserve” track I did for Tierra Marie did well on radio and i Tunes.She didn’t really shoot a video and see it all the way through but my point was that it was a home run for me. DX: I remember seeing Joseline Hernandez say on TMZ that Love & Hip Hop is fake and scripted. Yung Berg: I don’t think it’s scripted but at the end of the day, it’s about what you tell them.The last thing I wanted the people I worked with to say was that I was going to take something from them and that was something that held me back. When she does hear it, she’s an artist as well so I guarantee she’s going to appreciate the musical value. DX: Of course this all took place after your time on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. It’s not really known, like everybody there is kind of like a joke or it seems like it’s not really real.Now, I’ve gotten my level up, I’ve sat back and gained relationships. I don’t do many interviews so, this is the start of me really coming out. My goal was to get on there and with me transitioning from producing and songwriting, I wanted to actually make a record on national television for someone on the cast and I was able to do that.

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