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Both Gisele and Tom’s Instagram feeds are filled with pictures of her watching Tom play football. We do some form of physical exercise every day; it all depends where we are,” Bündchen told People magazine.Usually, she’s wearing her dad’s jersey along with her brothers. We doubt the kids watch hours and hours of TV on end or spend an excessive amount of time playing video games.Tom Brady has described Bündchen as one of the best parts of his life.Even if they’re thousands of miles apart, the couple finds time to talk at some point each day.

The boys love horses too, especially cuddling with them.

The family diet is important to the Bradys, although they don’t cook the food themselves.

The family’s personal chef shows up twice a day, every day, to prepare meals for Brady, Bündchen, and their children, and the family eats at the same time every day.

During the parade for the Patriots in 2017 celebrating their Super Bowl win, Brady’s son, Benny, stole the show. He danced while Brady waved to the crowd, as shown in Only in Boston’s video. He can even dab while skiing, according to Tom’s Instagram.

Known as “Vivi,” Tom’s youngest loves watching him play football.

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