Who is tessa virtue dating david pelletier

Virtue and Moir have been a duo for 20 years now, skating together for the first time as eight- and ten-year-olds from London, Ont.In their final Olympics, they have again enthralled romantics and voyeurs the world over.They are among the best ice dancers the world has ever seen, working at the apex of a sport where partnerships on the ice often become something more.Former Canadian pair and Olympic medallists Isabelle Brasseur and Lloyd Eisler dated for a couple of years before deciding it was too complicated to date and skate.Their intimacy shows in everything they do: it’s gentle as they finish each other’s sentences, it’s imbued with desire as they look longingly at one another as they speak, it burns with a sexual chemistry so hot you could set it alight as they weave easily into each others’ bodies on the ice.

For years, I idolized the thought of such a creative partnership.The first point of contact between the two dancers is impassioned, as Virtue springs into the air and Moir grabs her from behind.Moments later, as he releases her from his grasp, there’s a well-placed shudder to up the sexual ante.These days, the online horde focuses on more current couplings (Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones on the CW’s Riverdale, for example). In the aforementioned case, fans are keen on the idea that Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, the real-life actors behind Cooper and Jones, might be — or should be — dating, too.The skaters know they’ve captivated this crowd, and they absolutely stoke the fire.

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