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I’m actually named after her because Theodora was her name. I think I’m also wearing—I wonder if it might have been my grandma’s wedding veil. That was the bag to have in high school, every girl had one.[1935] and the guy I’m with is Kevin Anderson; he was the star. Mom and dad look so cool with their glasses and I think I have that scarf now. It was the AIRS THE LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT PM EST AND REPLAYS THE FOLLOWING MONDAY AT PM EST AND WEDNESDAY AT PM EST ON SIRIUSXM’S THE SPECTRUM CHANNEL. I basically played his girlfriend, whom he left, and I become a prostitute—so I was a hooker. Me and Alexandra are full-on finding our own style. [Kevin] kissed me on the cheek in the play, and I was dating a guy who screamed out on opening night, “Fuck you! THEODORA RICHARDS: We spent like three, four days in Joshua Tree with the guy who shot [this photo], Sasha Eisenman, who was a friend of ours. Lizzy Jagger is one of my best friends, we were constantly laughing. My parents, they stayed together and I love their love. They met in a party when her best friend, Sheila Klein who was dating Stones’ manager, Andrew Oldham, encouraged her to approach the rather quiet Richards.The two bonded over a shared interest in blues music and soon became romantically involved.Born in 1946 in West Hampstead, London, Linda Keith is the daughter of Alan Keith and Pearl Rubeck.Her father who was born Alexander Kossoff was a prominent British actor, disc jockey and radio presenter and a recipient of the Order of the British Empire.

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It comes with the territory, growing up as the daughter of model Patti Hansen and legendary Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

She would mash together Lauryn Hill bars and Etta James riffs, pairing them with ballads from her favorite film scores.

These CDs, relics of Richards’s childhood, stand as proof of her music gene.

After she introduced Hendrix to the limelight and then returned to London, she began dating Rolling Stones’ founder and original leader, Brian Jones.

In 1983, she married English music producer, John Porter.

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