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Only Bobby really knew the truth, and if he told someone or people how he got AIDS, it is, those people whom he felt comfortable telling.

They may reveal or not reveal that Bobby told them how he got it.

If Bobby got AIDS in prison, and it was not through using dirty needles to inject heroin and other drugs – then that leaves open the possibility of homosexual activity.

If the father did abuse Bobby sexually, then it would not be far fetched to see why Bobby would engage in Homosexual activity while in prison.

El Debarge has a beautiful falsetto voice also, with his voice he helped make Debarge famous. is white and their mother Etterlene Debarge is black and Mama Debarge (Etterlene) said she also has some Native American ancestry.

The Debarge children were born in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

You could hear that anguish in Bobby’s music." (article titled – The rise and fall of the Debarge family – Episode 3) Bunny Debarge said: "That may be our fault," says Bunny, unsurprised to hear her father’s denials. I don’t hate my father, but he has a way of blocking things out of his mind." (article titled – The rise and fall of the Debarge family – Episode 3) Robert Debarge Sr.

has denied he sexually molesting and abusing his children.

Now only Bobby really knew how he contracted the AIDS virus. He is not saying that this is the exact reason but only a possibility. Bobby was such a great singer, and this is what we remember most about him.

"Bobby went through a lot of pain," says Chico De Barge of his oldest brother.

"My father sexually molested a lot of my brothers and sisters.

Bobby was not a bad person, he simply suffered in life like all of us, and myself included.

Bobby was a very sensitive young man according to those who knew him.

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