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But they never got married — they split up in 2005, and a year later Margera filed a restraining order against her after she allegedly broke into his house.But Bam learned to love again, and in 2006 he started dating and proposed to a childhood friend named Missy Rothstein.Also straight to home video in 2008: Margera's holiday comedy, , a documentary devoted to the addiction struggles faced by titular skateboarder and friend of Margera's; in 2016, the production team released a trailer, but the film seems to be waiting for a distributor.According to Margera's IMDb page, he's also playing a police detective in an upcoming thriller titled Running a bar, restaurant, or concert venue isn't easy—a great deal of paperwork, licensure, community relations, and headaches go along with it.Fans weren't impressed; as one disgruntled customer wrote, "Bam should be embarassed to have put his name on this, but someone handed him a pile of money to hand over his notebook. I promise you will be disappointed." was cancelled after just six episodes, a victim of really bad ratings.

The gig went off fine, but afterward, Margera allegedly got drunk and tried to force his way into the control room.

Due in part to Margera's reputation, the bar had to agree to many concessions just to open — the Note wasn't allowed to do what other bars in the area could do, such as offer take-out beer or even happy hour specials.

They were also forced to hire extra security personnel.

Members included Margera, his girlfriend at the time, his brother, and (briefly) c Ky guitarist Chad Ginsburg, who quit the band after just a few months. He had a hard time watching Bam's already hard-drinking lifestyle grow progressively worse following the 2011 car crash that killed Bam's best friend and collective.

A low-budget, independently produced and released relationship comedy, it's loosely based on a real-life relationship Dunn had that ended due to serial cheating.

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