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With automation, mesh bags were now within buying reach of the general public.

Whiting & Davis purse production reached its height during the Art Deco years of the 1920s and ë30s, and many bags reflect visual themes of the era.

Since the bag shape itself remained relatively standard, the challenge came in providing variety within those perimeters.

Forwarded to clueless gift-givers, “this subtle, but helpful suggestion will tell him what you really want,” allowing the lucky Whiting & Davis gift recipient to “walk hand in hand with fashion”.New additions to the Whiting & Davis line were presented twice yearly for the spring/summer and fall/winter trade.Novel design twists were required to attract the repeat customer who might already have an extensive collection of mesh purses.Today, the Whiting & Davis name stands as a synonym for the finest achievements in fashion mesh.Whiting & Davis was founded in 1876 as a jewelry manufacturer, with the first W & D mesh handbag debuting in 1892.

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