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Our community is very attractive and we have been helping black singles and white singles find their love for over 13 years! We also offer a live interracial counselor who is on call at any time of the day if you have any concerns or queries, or just need some relationship or advice on interracial dating.

When it’s cold, she said, “You want to stay home and cuddle and watch movies and eat food and be with your pets.”“Summer’s for flings,” said Ms.

MINNEAPOLIS — As night-life emissaries go, one could do worse than Robert John Wayne, a 31-year-old artist here who happily told a recent visitor about everything from an indigenous delicacy called the Juicy Lucy (a burger with cheese baked into the patty) to what women want, something Mr.

Wayne should know, seeing as how he’s dating four of them.

He and some friends were planning to move on to their next destination: the CC Club, a spot on South Lyndale that was recently the subject of a cover article in City Pages, a weekly newspaper, about its long, boozy history in the city’s music scene. Wayne’s future gardening partner could be found at the CC Club was unclear.

(It’s the bar immortalized in the Replacements’ song “Here Comes a Regular.”)With Mr. At around 11 p.m., the bar, dominated by pool tables, was loud and crowded, with groups mixing easily and everyone seeming to know everyone else. Wayne ordered his own creation, a “hipster mimosa”: whiskey and rocks, with an orange slice squeezed into it.

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