What to do about an intimidating boss Straponchat

If you feel like it's affecting your work performance, try to set up a meeting with them so you can discuss your thoughts and find a solution with your boss."If your performance reviews were always positive in the past, but then suddenly took a down turn, even when your work ethic hasn't changed, it might mean your boss doesn't like you," says Jeanne.Ask specific questions if you feel like this is a concern during your review.

"You may notice that your boss gives others in your group opportunities to learn and grow, attend training classes and take on more challenging responsibilities," says Salemi."If your boss is asking you terribly difficult questions or is just extremely tougher on you than the other employees, then they might be doing it on purpose because they're not fond of you," says Williams."One sign that your boss may not trust you is if they're constantly second-guessing and double-checking your work.It may feel like your boss is micromanaging you and constantly looking over your shoulder."Your boss may not be invest in you and he/she seldom asks you the hard questions," says founder and CEO of Works Nicole Williams in a phone interview with Bustle.Even if everyone is saying that you're crazy or imagining things, it's best to listen to your gut if you feel like your boss is not caring about you as much as other employees.

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