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However, it’s projects such as ‘Willow’ that have allowed me to grow as an actor since it’s a story I believe I can tell because of its honest and direct insight Into a relationship involving two women.

AT: You’re currently playing Lottie in Willow coming to the Bunker in Sept – what is it about?

With minimal lighting and a gargantuan soundscape, the comedic, personable script leads up to a sucker punch of a final fifteen minutes that is all the starker in contrast.

Although I feel Forristal’s style of writing would have brilliantly served a further exploration of queerness, I would note that what impressed me most was that Forristal knows her audience – her playful script is ready-made for the millennial generation.

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Sophia O’Donohue is currently rehearsing for Willow, on at The Bunker Theatre, London, this September, in which she plays Lottie.

Image © Emma Nathan Find out when the next tickets for this experience are released and book here. Despite a lack of props and stage settings, Forristal bounces, jumps and moves around the stage as if it were a gymnasium.

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But it has been enjoyable to communicate this moment in time in Lottie’s life to audiences. SO: For me, it has to be portraying Lottie’s Dad in the multi-rolling scene, for this character I’ve been watching a lot of Stephen Fry and Richard Hammond to be able to have down ‘dadish’ mannerisms! SO: Vital, frank, passionate, identifiable, funny and sadly-beautiful.

Moving through different rooms, spaces and dimensions, you will meet a number of bizarre characters, and sample some breathtaking cuisine.

Don’t eat beforehand, you’ll be sufficiently fed en route.

Chock-full of pop culture references and dating scenarios we’ve all suffered through; it relishes in self-deprecation and exaggerated characterizations.

She allows us to better understand mental illness and have a giggle at the same time, in a totally frank and no-holds-barred autobiography.

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