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Despite its use in ancient medicine, urophagia is the most likely of all watersports to result in health complications, at least when the urine you're consuming is not your own.Urine contains pathogens, minerals, and salt that you may not want to ingest, although it is 95 percent just plain water.We love to present the sites that are doing their job the way they should, so we are leaving you with the best of the best.Male Feet BDSM - Guys with beautiful feet tied up and used. Foot bondage, tickling, bastinado and other painful foot torture.There are those, true golden shower fans who are getting pissed on with real proper, homemade, golden, yellow piss, the kind that you stick like a skunk 3 days later and you just can't stand the stench. The ones that we are presenting here are all premium content videos, so they are all made under professional circumstances. Some are secretly yearning to be pissed on in this way but they are not telling the director that.

The warm water sliding down your body feels good as all of the filth that had gathered on your skin gets washed away.

You will be licking your screen after seeing these pictures.

Amateur galleries of innocent students posing naked in their dorm for the first time!

A person may consume urine — a practice that's called urophagia — or bathe in it for enjoyment. A golden shower involves urinating on another person or being urinated on yourself. In some cases, it's used as a form of humiliation. A urophiliac might gain stimulation from urinating in public.

Urophagia is the act of drinking or consuming urine or even watching someone else drink it.

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