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The i Phone Battery Windows 7 gadget has to be one of the coolest gadgets around.

The battery indicator is an excellent knock-off of the glowing battery level indicator on the i Phone, and looks great on a Windows desktop.

The Network Meter Windows 7 gadget provides all kinds of useful information about your wired or wireless network connection like current internal and external IP address, current upload and download speed, total bandwidth usage, SSID, signal quality, and more.

There are only a few options but background color is one of them.

Still, it's powerful gadget and you might find it really useful. For example, while it's useful to be able to change which wireless and wired interfaces are to display, and whether to use GHz or MHZ, you can also enable/disable the built-in clock and calendar.

By the end of the article we'll have built a real gadget.

You can download the code / gadget from Ode To Code.

That might seem like a small advantage, but if you're a regular user of Windows 7 gadgets, you know that making it fit with your desktop scheme is an important factor.

The Memeter Windows 7 gadget monitors all sorts of things about your CPU, RAM, and battery life.

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