Vanessa and zac dating

Although celebrity relationships oftentimes seem perfect from the outside, it's hardly a secret that every relationship has high and low points.Based on their body language, it appears that there may have been some distance between Hudgens and Efron that signaled their split was imminent.era, chances are you were totally obsessed with Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron.And TBH, the fact that they ended up dating in real life only added to the addictive appeal of the movie franchise.The two were spotted at a UFC fight in Las Vegas together where they sat ring side.According to a source from , the two arrived to the fight together and "looked like they were having a great time." While they were seen "smiling and laughing in their seats," they were "not overly publicly affectionate," though the two did leave the event together.

premiered in 2006, you might be slightly devastated to know that the actor is rumored to be off the market these days.

“It [was] nothing dramatic," the source reportedly told E! "There [was] no third party involved.”Sadly, it looks everyone hoping for a reunion romance probably won't get one.

The truth is that sometimes, when a relationship's over, it's really over.

These two definitely don't scream "love" in this photo.

It's true, not everyone finds basketball enthralling, but Hudgens' forlorn facial expression is hard to overlook.

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