Validating an email address with javascript

Considering most users are browsing the web on their cell phones, this automatic correction can be incredibly helpful to them, and even help you get more emails.

We’ve all had to struggle typing things in on our touch screens.

Whether you are trying to send promotions, signup subscribers, generate revenue, generate leads, or grow your business with daily communication, your emails matter.

New prospects providing their email often make mistakes, provide fake emails altogether, or naturally change emails over time.

Once you’ve implemented the Java Script on your site, real-time email validation will be active.

If the email address that was entered is invalid, an error message will appear.

Rather than waiting to upload a large list of emails to verify them and then send out a welcome email, you can be confident sending out an email immediately. Javascript email validation also helps protect your site from malicious bots.

Not only will this help you stay fresh in the customer’s mind, making them more likely to engage with your content, it ensures that you’re doing the most with your marketing dollars. The real-time verification can block entry to false email addresses.

This is what we like to call our alert and convert method.

This negatively effects your business in countless ways: Life’s too short to be uncomfortable.

Purple is an American comfort technology company specializing in the direct-to-consumer sale of mattresses, seat cushions, back cushions, pillows and platform bases.

We have a pre-made script that you simply paste in to your HTML.

Once you’ve inserted our script onto your site, the real-time verification will be active on your website. Within minutes of updating your source code your email list will be more accurate than ever, giving your email marketing campaign the best chance of success.

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