Updating windows mobile 2016

As you can see, a familiar Certificate Management snap-in opens, from which you can export any of the certificates you have got.

In my case, there have been 358 items in the list of certificates.

SECOND, after running certmgr.msc, I see a few lists of certificates, in which the two certificates that are issue BY my own computer TO my own computer are actually expired. THIRD, which is how I found this excellent website, I am getting two to four AUDIT FAILURES on every reboot, Event 5061, for Cryptographic Operation, and they sometimes mention the same Microsoft Connected Devices Platform. And then I’ve check my certificates, noticed some were outdated, and found your post about how to do it.

Windows requests a trusted root certificate lists (CTL) renewal once a week.However, it isn’t always possible or applicable due to corporate restrictions.In Windows XP, the utility was used to update computer`s root certificates.We encountered a network transmission issue with update KB3189866 published on September 13, 2016, and the quickest way to address this issue was to reissue the update to all Content Delivery Networks.This new update KB3193494 has the same set of fixes as KB3189866.

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