Updating the site content type failed

You must have site collection administrator rights to set the Sealed property of an SPContent Type object.For more information, see Content Type Change Control.Sometimes you'll shut Info Path down, reboot, restart IIS, perform a rain dance, and then give it another go.But sooner or later, it'll be back, and you'll need to deal with it.

You can even ensure that those changes are propagated to the child content types of a site content type.

There are two main activities performed by the Publish button - firstly, to save your Info Path form template to the specified location, and secondly, to invoke a Share Point web service with your mapping between Info Path form fields and Share Point content type site columns for it to store in the content database.

The first step is pretty trivial, but it's the implementation detail of the second that is at the core of the issue here - the batching of the mapping definitions is done in a rather inefficient-looking manner (fire up SQL Profiler, see for yourself) and if you're publishing quite a few (30 ) columns, then the "Updating site content type failed" message is actually just an inconveniently opaque way of telling you you've hit a timeout.

The integration between Info Path 2007 and Share Point 2007 comfortably qualifies as South Of Great.

There's an assortment of sub-optimals to uncover as you work with the two products - the hacks required to get Info Path Contact Selectors to talk to Share Point User Columns, for instance.

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