Updating stock ticker

However, for robust stock-tracking information it is basically useless.

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- Bug fixes Version 1.4 update: - Support for more advanced stock symbols (foreign exchanges, Forex currency pairs, etc) - Better handling for stocks with no change data, or no change for the day.

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(Instead of DATEVALUE, you can also just include a reference to a cell that contains a date.) The formula will return the actual price close, unadjusted for splits or dividends: Function Stock Quote(str Ticker As String, Optional dt Date As Variant) ' Date is optional - if omitted, use today. If Is Missing(dt Date) Then dt Date = Date Else If Not (Is Date(dt Date)) Then Stock Quote = CVErr(xl Err Num) End If End If Dim dt Prev Date As Date Dim str URL As String, str CSV As String, str Rows() As String, str Columns() As String Dim db Close As Double dt Prev Date = dt Date - 7 ' Compile the request URL with start date and end date str URL = " 1 means 2nd row, starting at index 0 db Close = str Columns(4) ' 4 means: 5th position, starting at index 0 ' Debug. This page provides documentation for some interesting additions you can use.Some financial models need to reference stock quotes at certain dates.Instead of using those as hard-coded input data, you can create an Excel formula that will retrieve stock prices for a given date.Dow Jones is not supported, due to a limitation of the data provider used. User can now enable showing change or percent change on front and back of live tiles, as well as turn the back of the live tile off.- Dynamically change font size, so larger values can fit on the front of live tiles Version 1.2 update: - Automatically download quote when adding a new tile - Better handling of invalid stock symbols - Round price and change to two decimal places, so that data fits well on Live Tiles Version 1.1 update: - Fixed problem with background updater when no stock tiles are pinned Stock Tiles allows you to quickly and easily monitor stock prices from your Windows Phone start screen.

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