Updating software on nook color

Their only solution was to reset the device back to its factory settings. This isn't "fried" - it just won't complete the loading sequence for some reason. It's possible to copy the software to an SD card and install it, hopefully returning the Nook to normal.

Surely, there's something I can do to fix it, right? There's an XDA thread here that explains the process of copying Clock Work Mod to an SD card, booting from it, and installing the OS.

Though it must have disappointed at the first look and the first release but it’s now upping it’s ante to regain its lost users.

If you have just missed out then we have also covered on how you can install the latest Cyanogen Mod 7 on nook color and we also saw on how you can easily install the beta release of the latest tablet version of honeycomb 3.0 version on your nook color.

So now let’s proceed and see on how you can easily install the latest and the official version of customized version of Froyo 2.2 version Nook app store: Just like Apple’s App Store and Android’s Android Market Place, its high time that nook color too steps in the world of app store with the launch of Nook App store with 125 dedicated applications ranging from Angry birds for nook color to drawing pad apps to many other which are sure to excite you as from so many days these applications were due and the need for the same was increasing day by day with the ever increasing demands of the people.

Also, after users have demanded for the slide page turn animation, it has now been inducted in the update.

I have few complaints about the device; it's served me well for years, and I'm not in any hurry to replace it. I normally keep the device in permanent airplane mode, because it's basically just a device I use to read books and lecture notes. So that it wouldn't max out the battery, I did plug it into the wall.

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On its Nook Web site, Barnes & Noble has the following message: Barnes & Noble is providing a minor update to NOOKcolor firmware that will improve NOOKcolor's Wi-Fi connectivity; improve Home and Shop performance; add the ability to pinch and zoom in browser; enhance the reading experience for magazines and children's books; add a text banner to easily identify NOOK kids Read To Me books; and other general bug fixes and performance improvements.It should be noted that if you happened to have , the update will wipe out your custom firmware.For those who don't know, "rooting" or hacking your Nook is not supported by Barnes & Noble but it essentially turns your Nook Color into a full-fledged Android tablet and allows you to access the Android Marketplace and download apps (the custom firmware is supposed to be fairly stable though not perfect).They knew nothing about this update, which I don't blame them for, given that I couldn't find anything about it online either. I could give it a few hours to resolve itself, the fellow working there tells me. What gets me is that he tries to use the opportunity to get me to buy a brand new Nook.I had hoped that they might know a few tricks to get my Nook to finally get beyond that 99% loaded hump, but no. These older Nooks, he tells me, sometimes take hours to fully reset and reload. After all, he tells me, my HD is "fried now", so I may as well. I'm noticing the comparable Kindle tablet is less than the comparable Nook. I just can't believe there's nothing else I can do.

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