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If you already have a Pentabarf account from a previous year, even if your talk was not accepted, please reuse it.Create an account if, and only if, you don’t have one from a previous year.Length of talks should be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes, as we would like to have questions after each presentation, and to fit as many presenters as possible in the schedule.Exceptions must be explicitly requested and justified. All submissions have to be made in the Pentabarf event planning tool: https://penta.fosdem.org/submission/FOSDEM18While filing your proposal, please provide the title of your talk, a short abstract (one or two paragraphs), some information about yourself (name, bio and photo, but please do remember that your profile might be already stored at Pentabarf).The shared devroom gives every project in this area a chance to present ODF related developments and innovations.

Main improvements include: * Fixed bugs which caused improper handling (crashes) when using Microsoft Drawing Binary File format* Updated Open SSL to version 0.9.8zh* Updated curl library used from version 7.19.7 to 7.61.1* Save As ...

To submit your talk, click on “Create Event”, then make sure to select the “Open Document Editors” devroom as the “Track”.

Otherwise, your talk will not be even considered for any devroom at all.

So, no problem with license keys and fees and other restricting stuff.

Posted at PM Jan 31, 2018 by marcus in Announcing Apache Open Office 4.1.5 30 December 2017 - Apache Open Office, the leading Open Source office document productivity suite, announced today Apache Open Office 4.1.5, as usual available in 41 languages for Windows, mac OS and Linux.

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