Updating my address book bebo com

His first idea was a self-updating address book, something which was great in theory, but failed to take off.

He also started a babysitting network, which also failed, as it was very difficult to overcome the mistrust and concerns of parents.

“If you work in insurance, there’s great motivation to leave.

My father was an entrepreneur so I got the entrepreneur bug off him,” he says.

The couple then set up online greeting card service Birthday Alarm, with which they had a breakthrough with in 2004, following the decision to charge for cards.

“We made an income of ,000 a month from advertising on Birthday Alarm.

There is still a Bebo app in the app store but we’ve effectively parked it.” “It’s an online chat show that anyone can create, and where viewers can partake, either by joining the video chat or commenting on the side of the live stream.” The next step will be to monetise the site, a necessary step, though that’s not a word Birch likes.

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Our live chat rooms have little to no lag time, depending on your Internet speed.

We started charging for cards in 2004 and made ,000 the first day, and 0,000 that month. It was transformative for us.” Europe The head start was good, as Bebo was, for a short time, the largest social media network in Ireland and Britain.

“We started a year after Facebook but had a fraction of their funding and a fraction of their engineers.

The couple netted 0 million from the sale – though they bought Bebo back for more than they had anticipated on spending.

Following Bebo’s bankruptcy, they thought about buying the site back, mainly for reasons of nostalgia and sentimentality. Then dating site came along and an auction followed. But how did Bebo, the site that gave most Irish people their first introduction to social media, come about? He had left his job in Zurich Insurance Group to pursue start-up life, mainly because his father was an entrepreneur.

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