Updating ipod on another computer

You also can only really sync your data and it’s hard to transfer one file at a time.

i My Fone Tunes Mate by contrast allows unlimited unidirectional transfer of all your files. You can transfer just about any file type, and you can share files between unlimited devices.

Step 5: Go to your Music folder on new computer and paste the i Tunes folder from your old computer there.

See, you need to copy the music folder from your old computer first. Final Thought Comparing these two methods to sync i Pod to new computer without deleting songs, it is clear which is the best and most convenient.

While i Tunes is nice because it is the official Apple software, it has some very annoying limitations.

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If you click "Erase and Sync" in that message, all content of the selected type on your i OS device will be erased and replaced with content from this computer.

When the computer and the i OS device are on the same Wi-Fi network, the i OS device appears in i Tunes.

Try It Free Try It Free You can download and enjoy i My Fone Tunes Mate free trial.

Step 1: Download, install, and launch Tunes Mate on your new computer. Step 2: Click "Transfer i Device Media to i Tunes" on home interface and hit "Start" to continue.

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