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Keep this web service call in a common class/method inside your plugin solution, so that, the same can be reused in other plugin classes as well. Pass the above domain name to your custom stored procedure as parameter which can be further used in “Execute AS” command, as shown in below stored procedure.Note: Make sure you write the “REVERT” command to stop the user impersonation inside your stored procedure.Microsoft is really focusing on helping Microsoft is striving to drive home four major themes: Productivity, Intelligence, Mobility and Unified Service.They are also investing heavily in Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Social Engagement, which bodes well for all areas.By delivering end-to-end customer solutions across field service, assisted service and self-service, Dynamics CRM 2016 drives its entire focus on delivering remarkable customer experiences.Reap benefits of productivity and intelligence through a single platform to personalize experiences and have proactive and contextual interactions with customers to identify and meet their distinct needs.However, surprisingly, the stored procedures did not return any data.

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Data Source=my Server; Initial Catalog=my Data Base; User Id=my Username; Password=my Password; Integrated Security=false 3. In plugin context you will always get the User ID via Context.I had asked her to implement the latter one and she tried with “Execute AS” inside the stored procedure and it worked as per the expectation. OR If you wish then you can use one of the existing users.However, this user must require sysadmin sever role to execute “Execute AS” command.Please refer below URL to know more about Security considerations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. I suggested her to add the above application pool identity user to Priv User Group.

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