Updating fedora 5 to fedora 6

In the question“What are the best Linux distributions for desktops?

Fedora is ranked 4th while Cent OS is ranked 15th.

For example, it comes with pacemaker which can be configured to manage multi-site and and stretch clusters across multiple geographical locations for disaster recovery and scalability.

It can also be configured to trigger notifications when the status of a managed cluster changes by using enhanced pacemaker alerts.

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When developing local collections, librarians and archivists often create detailed metadata which then gets stored in collection-specific silos.

While there are a few tools on offer that will upgrade an old Fedora release to the newest, there can often be problems with these methods.

The software to make that kind of hardware work can be installed, but it can be done only through third-parties and it's not easy for the average user.

The prefix may be used across a repository or vary based on collection within the repository.

When combined with the suffix, it forms a unique object identifier.

Fedora versions 1 to 3 use Permanent IDentifiers (PIDs) to identify objects.

PIDs consist of a colon-separated prefix and suffix.

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