Updating a date field in msacess Free single adult chat room isex

Please help me because I really want to figure this out and i've been looking everywhere for a solution in and cannot find one that applies to me being that I am using MS-Access and NOT SQL. Hi Lokesh If the field you are trying to extract the date from is a date/time field type then you can use the function Format() in the Expression Builder in your query design.You can see that some of the manager names and addresses have changed.

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However, the indexed field imports from Excel as a Double and I would like to change it to Long.

You use update queries in Access databases to add, change, or delete the information in an existing record.

You can think of update queries as a powerful form of the Find and Replace dialog box.

Close() End If End If End If End Sub Now, what happens, is absolutely nothing.

I'm just trying to help you understand why the original attempt may have failed.

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