Turn ons when dating

But boy, when the heat turns up—it’s definitely worth it! Whether by calling her “Hey, beautiful” or “Hey, pretty” you could definitely brighten her day—and that’s a good sign. Make her feel good by acknowledging or complimenting her.

You have to start right, start slow, have all the right ingredients, mix them well, and just let it simmer.

Make the moment more intense by kissing her in her erogenous zones, such as neck, throat, collar bone, shoulders, and ears. If you’re turned on too, make her feel your passion in more explicit ways by touching your bulge on her thigh. Remember to take your time and be consistent, slowly undress her and kiss her as you do so. However, don’t just tell her this to get into her pants—she’ll know it. The first step to turning a girl on is to make her notice you. After all, you can master all these tips and still get slapped in the face if she starts to think you’re being insincere.

Even the slightest contact will send shivers of pleasure all over her body. [Read: 15 secret kissing techniques for that heartbeat-skipping kiss] Master these non-sexual and sexual turn-on tips for women, and you’ll be sure to have her melting in your arms in no time.

Non-sexual turn-ons for women Whether she’s a colleague you’re crushing on, a woman you just met at a bar, or a friend you’re really attracted to, there are several surefire ways to turn her on and finally get her to bed. Make sure you give her a smile and a wink—she’ll be loving it.

Apparently Hobbits don't mind hairy legs - but anyway - when did it become the convention that women should have no natural hair on their legs? I've met one with the hairy legs and it IS odd to me...

[Read: The art of making a girl smile, laugh and love your company] #9 Be an example.

Show her that chivalry is not dead, and that you’re a valiant example.

Make her comfort, safety, and security your priority when you’re together or even when you’re apart. Whether to guide her into a car or help her out, make sure you have body contact or that you are touching her in the right places: her waist, her lower back, her elbows, around her shoulders, or her hand. Nothing much can make her go ooh-la-la than seeing you dapper and snappy.

Avoid wearing clothes that make you look lousy and keep those body hairs well-trimmed. An often underrated feature men must maintain—smelling good. Make sure you not only look good but smell good too. Another turn-on for women are guys who can carry on decent conversations and can be smart and witty. Still maintain an air of mystery about you and keep her on her toes when you’re around.

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