Trouble updating macromedia flash player

From my Defensive Computing standpoint, I want to always ensure that old buggy software is fully removed. Another reason is that the Adobe Download Center tries to pawn off additional software on Internet Explorer users.(They don't do this with Firefox.) As shown above, the default is to also install the Google Toolbar.The right way also means uninstalling the prior version of Flash before installing the new version, not installing any other software other than the Flash player and being 100 percent sure that all old versions of the software have been removed, even those in nonstandard locations. If you haven't updated the Flash player recently, your computer is probably at risk.Still, before bothering to upgrade, you might as well check which version you have installed.Adobe has instructions on how to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and Active X control that include a link to download its uninstall program.There is an uninstall program for Windows and one for Macs, but no mention of Linux at all.Simply viewing a Web page is all it takes for a bad guy to take control of your computer. The only way to be safe is to upgrade to the newest version,

There is always the chance it will break something else, and, new software just becomes something else that needs care and feeding.Click on the green squiggly thing and the procedure is self-explanatory.Internet Explorer upgrade procedure Uninstalling the Active X version of the Flash player via the Control Panel was just as error-prone as the Firefox plug-in version.Also, knowing how to check provides a way to verify that an uninstall of the Flash player worked.(More on this below.) to display the currently installed version of the Flash player.

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