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Although she had enough financial security to find her own place, she continued living with us.We had adjusted to living together and were comfortable with the arrangement. The exciting discovery sent me over the edge and I filled my sister-in-law's mouth with a dozen jets of cum.I was so excited that I'm afraid I didn't last long.Pulling out and shooting my load in Carol's face satisfied a long-held fantasy. With our sex lives rejuvenated, we went back to our once-a-day schedule.Carol and I went on to the State University and married soon after graduation.Cheryl eventually broke up with her abusive husband and came to live with us. In the months following our wedding, she nearly fucked me to death.The sisters carried on their charade for three months. They probably figured that would tip me off, so they alternated sex nights. We've both been fucking you for three months now." That explanation tipped me off to who was who. "We've been making it with each other since college," Carol said.

Later on when she was asleep, I gently brushed back her hair and examined the blemish.I enjoyed having my beautiful sister-in-law around. The only thing that she had gotten from her husband was his entire repertoire of dirty jokes.She loved telling them to me while eyeing my crotch for the inevitable bulge.While Carol sucked hungrily on the pear-shaped tit, Cheryl reciprocated. Cheryl's legs went up and her feet straightened out. I couldn't take my eyes off my thick rod as it plunged into that slick tunnel.Carol's ass churned as she humped her sister's mouth. The beautiful golden globes of Cheryl's ass jiggled like Jello each time I slammed into her.

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