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When we kiss the hand of the bishop or priest, we are not showing respect to the person of the priest but to his sacred office.The priest as priest represents Christ, and is therefore a living icon of Christ.KISSING THE HAND Kissing the hand of the priest is not about the man The kissing of the hand of the priest is not about the man, but rather about Christ.It is much like the kissing of an icon, which is not about the veneration of paint and wood, but about the archetype represented in the icon.In those cases it doesn’t necessarily involve asking for a blessing, but it is a sign of respect, and perhaps also of love.

Remember that sitting in church is a concession, not the normative way of prayer.

Though he be a sinner, and unworthy in and of himself of such respect, that he touches the Most Holy Things – the Precious Body and Blood of the Lord, the kiss is in actuality, extended to Christ.

Through ordination he has received the Grace of God to impart spiritual gifts and blessings, so we should not deprive ourselves of blessings by refusing the priest’s blessing.

If the Epistle or Gospel is being read or the Little or Great Entrance is taking place, wait until it is finished to quickly find a seat.

If Father is giving the sermon, stay in the back until he has concluded.

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