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From their About page, Bit Love proclaims that they “create torrents for all enclosures of an RSS/ATOM feed and seeds them”.

Offering a large directory of audio and video torrents, the site seems to be particularly invested in podcasts.

Popular movies, shows, music, and software are illegally torrented every day on sites like The Pirate Bay, breaking copyright laws.

But there are many other free torrents that exists online that are completely legal for you to download.

Tripwire did a great compilation with a list of sites for legal torrents.

We’ve added a little more to that list and broken them down for you below.

In a world constantly indulging in everything new, it’s definitely a challenge to find classic content – so having PDT in town is a great addition to the community.

Public Domain Torrents best used for: Classic and B movies Miro Guide is one of the few torrent legal sites which offers a built-in Bit Torrent client for playing content directly.

Most likely, you’ve heard of a torrent, used a torrent, or at least seen that term on the internet somewhere.

And whether you have actually used them or not, a lot of people don’t know what is a torrent.

These days, the term “torrenting” is usually associated with illegal activity.

To date, the website hosts more than 3,700 legal torrents on a simple and straight forward site.

The site is perfect if you’re searching for content such as shows, softwares, movies, music, games, books and much more!

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