Thom yorke dating

Also, he attended Abingdon, the boys’ public school.

After graduating, he studied English and Fine Arts at the Univesity of Exeter.

As of now, the 50-years-old singer is revered as one of the most influential figures of music. So it comes as no surprise to anyone knowing that he was once in a relationship with long-time wife, Rachel Owen.

He was once included in Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Artists of All Time". Thom and his girlfriend Rachel met while studying at the University of Exeter in 1992.

The past is past, as new possibilities arise in the life of Thom once again.

We wish the Thom and Dajana blissful relationship ahead!

He celebrates his birthday on 7th October that makes his age 50.

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At the time of their secret nuptials, the pair were already parents of a son named Noah.

Caption: Thom Yorke divorced artist Rachel Owen amicably split after 23 years of relation But tragically the talented artist passed away in late 2016 at the tender age of 48 after her battle with cancer.

In the hard times of Yorke family, Dajana Roncione showed her support to Thom and his children.

No wonder they have been labeled The From an early age, Thom found an escape in music, and by the time he was ten years, he had already formed his own band.

Not only is Thom a singer, but he is also a master in playing the piano and the bass.

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