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They mostly make flash games, and the one friend calls me in, asking me to do some focus testing on a dating sim they made that was nearing the end of cycle.

I figured that it would be a good way to kill a weekend, said yes, and signed an NDA.

We went into this with no expectations (actually very low expectations, which by the way, Rachel, you owe me money; I was right!

Socially awkward or what I like to call, Aspy engineers galore! Being a Behavior Analyst who works with Autistic children, I should have been in my element being surrounded by so much social awkwardness.

Given my past experience with dating introverted engineering-types, I can already tell that this night is going to be fun. I wonder how many of these events our friend has worked. Him, is “Stanford”, a guy who I dated for a couple weeks, who then broke up with me through a text message. It was almost like a drinking game, which probably would have made things more interesting.

The women are arranged around the stations, and for some reason, the whole experience brings me back to learning how to square dance in the sixth grade.

I offer to look it up on my phone, but he has already beaten me to it, taking out his Android so he can look it up himself.

The rest of the time he talks about how hard it is to be left-handed in a right-handed world. Stanford walks over, and to my relief it’s not really him, but we’ll still call him Stanford anyway, because he too managed to mention Stanford a million times in our 5 minute conversation. I’m not expecting this so I laugh, and I tell him the same thing.

Enter a friend who co-owns an indie development studio.

The whole company consists of two programmers, an audio guy, and an artist.

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