The dating game by natalie standiford

"I was going to say 'growing young lady,'" Russell said. No reason to tiptoe around it." "Maybe we just shouldn't talk about it at all," Mads said. Mads slammed her bedroom door and flopped onto her bed. I bet everybody at school thought the interview was excellent. Or rather, Audrey's version of her mother's words: "You sounded like sluts." Did they? Or was her mother being overly sensitive, as usual?

Mary: It sounds like you've learned a lot about teens and sex from your blog. And how young so many kids are the first time they have sex.

Mom, you're the one who wrote a whole play about how you got ESP! sexy." "Well, what do you think we learn about in IHD?

"We just have to get used to thinking of you as a-" "A sexual being," M.

But I was so nervous." "You sounded like sluts," Audrey, Mads' eleven-year-old sister, said.

C.'s play, Touched, about a hundred times too many already.

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