Teen dating customs hispanic society

Almost all pagan temples (except for Garni) were destroyed.Armenian culture passed through various changes and transformations.For example, the Greek Zeus is the same Armenian Aramazd, Heracles was the same as Armenian Vahagn, the Roman Aphrodite was Armenian Astghik.That is why, architecture, arts and culture on the whole were significantly different.There was even a pantheon of Armenian Pagan gods for every sphere of human life, just like in Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome (God of fire, God of water, God of war).

Time spent on preparation process is said to be part of the cherished value of this amazing dish!

Every Armenian loves it without any special reason!

You, too, should definitely try this wonderful ethnic soup!

Armenians traditionally serve it by pouring honey or milk on ghapama, mixing them with ground cinnamon or sugar.

Armenians often cook yogurt soup with herbs, flour and eggs and grains, usually wheat. It is quite a simple dish, thought very creamy and tasty! Actually, there is no special occasion for cooking this spas.

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