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but they're not cracking down on the private girls sector."It brings back that dirty to prostitution and that's what we are fighting against." But the problem doesn't just lie with private prostitution - Rebecca said that dating apps like Tinder has also posed a problem for the legal sex industry.“They advertise on Locanto, Tinder even on Gumtree; they can put photos up of themselves half naked — we can’t even do that on our website,” she said.“We’re only able to advertise in certain places, like our website and in the newspaper,” Rebecca said.“We’re trying to educate them on the positives of coming to a legal brothel instead of a private girl on Tinder,” she said, adding that sex workers in brothels must have a sexual health certificate to reduce the spread of STIs.She also pointed the finger at tight regulations and private prostitutes who use the apps to advertise their services.In a bid to help reduce "red tape" for applicants, the PLA has introduced changes to the licence application forms.

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But men looking for lust are better off going to her brothel, she insisted, because the women who work there are likely healthier than a potential Tinder partner.

Sex isn’t selling — at least not at one legal Aussie brothel, whose owner says online dating apps and tighter regulations are pinching her bottom line.

“Tinder and these sex dating sites have absolutely affected us,” the owner, who asked to be called only Rebecca told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

"Illegal operations are by their nature unregulated and unscrutinised and there is a heightened risk of the danger of exploitation of workers, violence, and pressure to have unsafe sex." For the 2017-18 period, there were only four applications for new brothel licences in Queensland.

But after the PLA knocked back two and one withdrew, only one will be considered in the current financial year.

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