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First of all I would like to precise that I read all the related subjects about Submit Changes issues but couldn't find anything solving my problem... I have several tables which are working perfectly fine using the same way (excepting composite primary keys) but this one doesn't, I just can't understand why. So E); // retrieve IDs in tables Engr and So E Engr = DB.Get So EBy Ids(Empl IDs); // retrieve objects from So E Batch.

EDIT3 It looks like this may be what I need to do once I'm there (under setting values programmatically) anyone has alread addressed this problem (and I know I'm not the only one who needs to do this) feel free to give me a shout... Updating Dim auditcriteria As Audit Criteria auditcriteria = CType(e. The table I'm working with in the database is called Audit Criteria.

I am having difficulties UPDATING the databes via LINQ to SQL, inserting a new record works fine.

The code correctly inserts a new row and adds a primary key, the issue I am having is when I go to update (chnage a value that is already in the database) that same row the database is not updating, it is the else part of the code that does not work correctly.

I have a field Last Updated that needs to display the current datetime of the SQL server when the update is performed. I will also need to handle Last Updated By which would be the user name.

From SQL server I can pull their server login, but that won't realy work for ASP.

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