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Although it was a costly affair, yet it was very fuss-free while doing the payment.

In no time, I became the owner of my desired domain.

Under .nz, second level Purchase process was simple, straight-forward and easily understandable.

No hassles and stress was experienced while purchasing my desired domain.

Joann will take over searching, recruitment, evaluation for compatibility and be your Dating Concierge handling all the logistics of your first dates.

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Experience exclusive matchmaking service designed around each client’s specific desires and needs for a partner.

Sean Porter - Texas, United States Domain Brothers was very responsive concerning my request. Shepard, Quebec, Canada The process is much easier than I have thought of.

When I placed my request for acquiring my desired domain to the Domain Brothers, within hours I got the reply for the same. I am happy with the service that Domain Brothers provided to me and am particularly pleased to be able to acquire a domain which I always wanted to own and which is easy to brand.

To be eligible to register a domain name, you must be a registered Canadian business or organization, a Canadian trademark holder, a citizen of Canada, have permanent residency in Canada, or otherwise qualify under the Canadian Presence Requirements.

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