Sony tv guide not updating

I headed over to Sony’s site, which has a list of affected television models.There are 180 models of Sony televisions affected — not counting the Sony Blu-Ray players, home theater systems, receivers and media viewers that also currently stream You Tube but will not be able to after April 2015. Back in 2012, we learned the hard way that even though a new television supports something at the time you buy it, there’s no guarantee that the television will to support those features for its lifetime.

There's also no indication that these attacks have ever been present out in the wild.

In the summer of 2011, we upgraded to a Sony Bravia HDTV.

We spent a lot of time researching this purchase, because we wanted a TV with built-in streaming video features like You Tube, Amazon Streaming Video, Hulu, Netflix, Crackle and more.

Bravia TVs receive software updates by default, so all you should have to do is turn on your TV and make sure it's connected to the internet. MORE: Best Smart TVs You can also check for software updates in the TV's menu, although exact instructions for how to do this depend on your model.

There are links to this effect on Sony's advisory page.

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