Single parent dating fort huachuca arizona

Intrigued, I decided to ask it why it touched Thomson.“H E L P” it replied.

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Jackson lit up when I mentioned this as he had just heard a story of a haunted house in Tombstone he wanted to check out. I had pictured a literal “ghost” town, with a few dilapidated Wild West buildings and the obligatory tumbleweed blowing through the street. Even at night it’s basically a normal town with a few historical buildings and tourist traps.

We got to the area we thought it was in, but weren’t sure which house it was.

After a few minutes of circling the block, the group decided to take a break to piss.

We came to a quick, ghost-hunting consensus and invited our buddy Thomson along for the ride. In addition to the downtown stretch, they have a residential area just like any other small town in America.

It was in this residential area that we began hunting for the supposed “haunted house”.

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