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We stayed together as friends, but that was all, and after a while I stopped thinking about her like that.During her 5 year relationship she saw me pair up with several other girls, so when it ended when we were both 18, we'd both done just about everything.She moaned as she ran her hands along the shaft, not enough to pull the foreskin back but enough to tease me and cause me to thrust my hips against her, rubbing her pussy through her now totally soaked thong.As my lips made work on her, rolling the inflated nipples between my tongue and gently nibbling them causing her to moan, my hands fell down to her thighs, never breaking contact with her hot body.

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Her bald pussy was clearly visible through the material, now soaked in her own juices. She turned round for me, showing me her perfect, plump buttocks. She moaned gently as I pressed my boner against her, making sure to part her cheeks by pushing the now huge mound in my trousers down the middle of her crack.I could tell by her expression she was upset over what had happened.My eyed went down her body to her now soaking chest.I caught her by grabbing her waste, and before she had time to recover forced my lips upon hers. I felt her rough tongue with mine as I slid it deep into her mouth.She sucked gently on it, and nocked it gently with her front teeth as I retracted it.

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