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West was a heartthrob on the rise in the early 2000s, with the potential of becoming a major Hollywood actor, but for some reason he has since disappeared from the spotlight.

Is it Hollywood who has turned its back on him or is it purely bad luck? mostly for its crude special effects and underwhelming plot," but managed to attract a decent audience due to the film's "…

Imagine being a teenager and hanging out with West in real life.

) However, Moore did reveal that "a part" of her fell in love with West while they were shooting the movie. Just watching him on a crappy TV in 2004 was enough to hypnotize me!

If not, there's always room for a reboot of release having just passed, both West and Moore have been receiving more acknowledgement in the media.His intense eyes, hunk looks and natural acting can melt any womens heart in seconds.He is always thriving for more after achieving so much already.I made him in art class last week and he's almost as big of a Twilight Creeps fan than I am!His bride is still being stitched together in the laboratory, oh uh, I mean art room #Twilight Creeps Fan Revived🤘💀🖤 @twilightcreeps @shanewest @Rocker Teacher W4o AW We are all BEYOND excited to share the good news that we have been renewed for 3 MORE SEASONS!

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