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Unfortunately I'm quite a sexual person in that I enjoy readng, watching, talking about it. I went out for Halloween last year with some friends, dressed (ingeniously I might add) as Santa Claus.

So not having experienced it is very difficult to deal with. At the last bar of the night I was sitting alone at a table, a sad, lonely Santa, watching all these people and happy couples around me having a good ole' drunken time.

Love is what truly matters anyways, if I can't have that then I really don't care much about sex. Someone I care about, and someone who cares about me.

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She told my friend a bit later that she'd just wanted to make me blush. That was the physically closest I've ever been to a woman.

I really need to lose my virginity as soon as possible... I've already got a ton of regrets about remaining a virgin so long, which I suppose I'll have to live with the rest of my days, so the sooner I can start making up for lost time the better. Then this girl in a slutty leather costume came over and from out of nowhere started rubbing up on me.

I really feel like I'm in an impossible situation though, because I REALLY want my first time to be with someone else equally inexperienced, but at 25 that's becoming more and more unlikely. I was, of course, all thumbs, mentally as well as physically.

Sadly on most shy/sa communities for every female in my situation there's probably 50 guys. I don't expect anyone to agree with me or even care, but I just need to vent since I've got absolutely no one I can openly talk to about this. It was the most sexual thing that has ever happened to me, and it happened in a disgusting, dimly lit bar filled with smoke and drunken idiots. When it happens (if it happens; I'm beginnging to suspect it may not), It cannot be cheap.

All the people at work ever say is 'go to a prostitute'... It has to be deep, it has to be emotional, and it has to be LOVING. If I were to discuss any of this with anyone in person, I'm sure the cries of "get over yourself" would be deafening.

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