Rules for dating a vegetarian

Especially if you live in a not-so-vegan-friendly area. Use recycled and environmentally friendly products in your home.

With vegans, they’re choosing (unless I guess they have a medical reason) to shut themselves off from all kinds of delights, and to make every dining experience kind of a pain in the a(*&(.”Vegans and vegetarians who are male, in particular, wind up dealing with more a stigma than their female counterparts. ’ I heard it all," Foster, who says he went vegan to inspire kids and parents to think about how to live a healthier lifestyle, wrote us. “She actually joined me in my journey and we both loved it,” he says.

Buy organic, fair trade and/or locally grown and produced food and products.

Chances are, the stereotype you just conjured wasn’t of a gaggle of strapping gents with bulging biceps.

When Houston Texans star running back Arian Foster announced via Twitter that he was going vegan in 2012, fans and sports commentators alike questioned whether the pro football player could do as good a job on the field without fueling up on meat and dairy."Obviously being a vegan in the NFL came with a lot of criticism. “I have met and know many loving, open, truly compassionate and fabulous plant-based eaters.

But I have also met the ones who have given this wonderful lifestyle a bad name.

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