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Can you picture what she was wearing or that glance when she noticed you? Our minds are surprisingly easy to deceive, so it’s enough to set a new context with the same person, and BAM! It’s really as simple as a role play with some uber creative flare. I’m going to show you one of the best tricks to relive those moments all over again: The more you repeat one action the less enthusiastic your brain becomes, so trick it!Start by thinking of a few unique characters you like from movies.This will give you a lot of creative flavour to play with. if you choose Jack Sparrow you Acting in character all night can be a challenge but dressing for the occasion makes you more convincing and gives a mojo boost.

Since this is a creative role play date there’s no limits so why not pick something totally unique!

Simply be creative and choose a different Alter Ego!

If you keep at it you’ll find your way through the tedium of daily chores and once again be able to feel why you’re together!

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