Query based inserting or updating of blob

The procedural style is much similar to old My Sql and it may be helpful to users who are just switching to My Sqli, but should keep away altogether.//procedural style $mysqli = mysqli_connect('host','username','password','database_name'); //object oriented style (recommended) $mysqli = new mysqli('host','username','password','database_name'); : Below is the code to fetch multiple records as an associative array.Prepared Statements significantly improves performance on larger table and more complex queries. My Sqli is clearly a winner over the regular My Sql extension in PHP, and the implementation is also not that different.The queries are parsed separately by the server, making it resilient to malicious code injection. I just hope this article will help you migrate/build your projects in future.

I have the corrupted file(What I read back), correct file (What I wanted to go in) and the Binary Log at the insert time.Rerun the application to verify this: Keeping images in the database allows the complete application data to be backed up and shared across all applications.However for performance you could consider implementing a caching technique that writes the logo to disk so it can be streamed directly without requiring the overhead of database access.In linux too when you install php5 mysql package, My SQLi automatically gets installed, more details about installation in Linux and Windows can be found here.My Sqli offers two ways to connect to the database, procedural and object oriented, the recommended way to open a database connection is object oriented way, because it is secure, faster and efficient.

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