Pure love dating larry david quote on dating

The nature of the app, being simple to use and deleting your details after an hour, lends itself to anonymous hook ups. The few days I used it in Brighton I got a decent amount of responses. As far as pricing goes, you get a free seven day trial when you download the app.When that’s used up it’s £15.70 per month for unlimited use.So bare that in mind when you’re considering forking out for a monthly subscription.In the time I spent with the app I didn’t notice any real pattern to the people I was being linked with bar their intentions.

Hello I am Ana single no kids I am first time here ...

Other than that I thought the app worked just fine. I’m giving this pure dating app review a final score of 4.5 out of 5.

I feel like the app does everything it needs to and doesn’t waste any energy on extras that no one asked for.

In terms of popular locations, big metropolitan areas are the main hotspots.

Their site lists Moscow, London, New York, Mexico City and Los Angeles as their most popular areas.

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