Psychometric testing dating

Taking sample tests such as those offered by our website is a great way of gaining experience about what may be expected on the day.

Ability/cognitive tests usually have a time limit and are often too difficult for most people to finish.

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Remember it is only one section of the entire assessment process and a decision is never made on solely one assessment criteria.

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If you wish to be a part of this exciting and innovative research please follow the link: The study title has now been changed to "The role of personality and occupational stressors in predicting counterproductive work behaviour".

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As these assessments will provide you some Before starting the assessment/s, you will be asked to provide some basic details about yourself (such as age, educational achievement, etc) so that we can provide a result which is benchmarked against a comparison of your choice, if this is available. This survey will examine your attitudes towards various aspects of working within commercial organisations.

When finished, you will get a report free of charge.

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