Problems that teenagers face as a result of dating

Teenagers gain an increasing amount of independence from their parents as they enter middle school and high school.Unlike the early years, kids in this age group often look to friends instead of parents for guidance.If they haven't struggled with these issues, they know someone who has.According to Stephen Hinshaw's book "The Triple Bind," almost all teenage girls feel immense pressure to measure up to others in some way.Negative choices that routinely occur to fit in include: While peer pressure is usually associated with negative behaviors, it is worth noting that some peer pressure results in positive outcomes.Teens have the power to use peer pressure positively by encouraging peers to make better decisions.Yet verbal attacks affect the victim in many of the same ways.Bullying may lead to other social problems, such as low self-esteem and making poor choices.

Improving self-esteem requires the realization that it comes from within and only you can improve how you see yourself.In an age in which girls are constantly confronted by images of the "ideal" body on television, in magazines and online, an unrealistic image with which to compare themselves is as close as the smartphones in their pockets.However, the pressure to achieve a perfect body doesn't just come from the media.Self-esteem is developed over the course of one's life based on the experiences and it influences a person in many ways.High self-esteem allows the individual to maintain a healthy attitude toward life.

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